Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our First Lodger!!

Cousin Collin had Fall Break this week so he came for a sleep-over! While he was here, we made cookies, played games (UNO and Operation were the favorites!), went to the park, ate at Burger King and watched Narnia.
Miranda thinks Collin is the cats meow! She had fun following him around, doing everything he did. Here they are modeling their BK crowns! (notice their matching reunion shirts)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hotel Sumpter

We've been talking about it since we got married, but we finally graduated to a new queen-sized mattress/bed. I forgot to take a picture of the bed before we made it, but it looks something like this. It is a Serta, eurotop and so comfy!! We've been sleeping great for the past 3 nights.
As a result of our new purchase, we now have a guest BED to go in our guest bedroom.
I know the room doesn't look too fancy, but its a major improvement from sleeping on an air mattress in the dining room, which is where our visitors had to sleep in our apartment in Michigan. So, here's your invite: COME FOR A VISIT! Besides great company and weather during your stay here in AZ, here's a list of accomodations you'll get when you stay with us:
*private room
*full bed
*closet space
*private bathroom (except when Miranda needs a bath)
*room for your kids to sleep in playroom or living room (which is now cleaned out, but completely devoid of furniture)