Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our First Lodger!!

Cousin Collin had Fall Break this week so he came for a sleep-over! While he was here, we made cookies, played games (UNO and Operation were the favorites!), went to the park, ate at Burger King and watched Narnia.
Miranda thinks Collin is the cats meow! She had fun following him around, doing everything he did. Here they are modeling their BK crowns! (notice their matching reunion shirts)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hotel Sumpter

We've been talking about it since we got married, but we finally graduated to a new queen-sized mattress/bed. I forgot to take a picture of the bed before we made it, but it looks something like this. It is a Serta, eurotop and so comfy!! We've been sleeping great for the past 3 nights.
As a result of our new purchase, we now have a guest BED to go in our guest bedroom.
I know the room doesn't look too fancy, but its a major improvement from sleeping on an air mattress in the dining room, which is where our visitors had to sleep in our apartment in Michigan. So, here's your invite: COME FOR A VISIT! Besides great company and weather during your stay here in AZ, here's a list of accomodations you'll get when you stay with us:
*private room
*full bed
*closet space
*private bathroom (except when Miranda needs a bath)
*room for your kids to sleep in playroom or living room (which is now cleaned out, but completely devoid of furniture)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Miranda's World

Here are a few of the latest happenings in Miranda's world...

The highlight of Miranda's month was getting a new Elmo chair. Since Seasame Street is her favorite show, I thought she'd enjoy watching it from a Seasame Street chair (instsead of standing 1 inch from the tv screen). I ordered it on the Walmart site-to-store website. When we picked it up, we opened the box in the store to make sure it was the right item, it wasn't damaged, etc. Miranda's eyes got huge and she immediately started singing La La La, which she did through the rest of our shopping trip and the whole way home. She loves it! The only problem is, when she sits in it, she can't see Elmo!

Another of Miranda's favorite activities is visiting her cousins Catherine, Julia and Collin. She calls them Ca, Ju-a and Co. When we get together there is lots of playing and lots of screaming. Miranda and Catherine seem to always want the same toy at the same time, and have a kind of love/hate relationship. Here they are though at a loving moment. So cute!

We have this olive wood carving of Jesus that Steve's parents got in Jereuselem. Miranda likes to hold it and calls him 'Jee-sie.' Whenever she sees pictures of Jesus at church or in a magazine, she says 'Jee-sie!'
We love our baby!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Career Woman

Miranda loves to carry around purses, bags, or in this case Steve's lunch cooler that he takes to work with him.
She'll pick it up, wave and say, "bye!" then heads for the door. When I ask her where she's going, she says, "a work." She's definately ready for bigger and better things than hanging out with mom at home!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Move

The moving day, July 10, finally arrived. It was so nice not to have to pack up our own stuff...we got to sit there and watch strangers pack our stuff for us...kind of weird!

Miranda, Steve and the big moving truck

Loading up the car. Our stuff is mostly over the car.

Saying goodbye to our apartment...we'll miss you Michigan!

On our way across country, we stopped at the arch in St. Louis.
Very neat, but boy am I glad we didn't move there, it was soooo humid!

We took our time and made the 2000 mile drive in about 4 days.
Thank goodness for portable dvd players!
We're so happy to be in our new home in Arizona!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Little Graduate!

After three years of long days and many long nights and weekends, here we are on Steve's graduation day! He is finally finished with the Family Medicine Residency at Genesys Regional Medical Center!

With his two program directors and
the director of medical education

Our little graduate...I'm so proud of him!

This was Steve on his last day of residency.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New Crib

So, we are happy that as of today we have a place to live in Arizona when we move there in a mere 14 days! We were in Arizona last weekend (thanks Suzie and Michael for letting us stay with you--AGAIN!) looking for a home to rent. We had a few requirements such as:

1. must have a yard with grass
2. family room must be carpeted (not tiled)
3. must have at least 3 bedrooms
4. must have 2 car garage
5. must have adaquate closet space
6. must be at least 1600 sq feet

Happily, we found what we were looking for. This house has it all--even new carpet!! AND we are so excited to be only 50 minutes from the Stimpsons!

As of July 15 this will be our new abode!

Living Room

Dining Room


Family Room

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's FINALLY Official!

Yes folks, its true! Its official! We are 100% going to Arizona! Steve signed his contract last week to work for a medical group in Phoenix called Abrazo.

Here he is, signing his life away

We'll be moving July 10 and are so looking forward to the 30 hour drive with an 18 month old. One bright spot though is that we are having movers come, pack us up, drive it there and unpack it! Steve starts work July 31, the day after the family reunion. We are so excited!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad

Last Saturday we went to Crossroads Village which is an 'old-time' village just north of Flint. It kind or reminded me of Nauvoo. They had a farm, shops, a hotel with a fiddle player, old fashioned rides and a train. They were also doing games, storytelling, face painting and balloon tying.

We got to pet a cow and see it being milked.
(aren't we nerds...we're wearing matching shirts)

The Huckleberry Railroad

Miranda making the choo-choo noise as we ride the train.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Child Prodigy

So, I was getting worried that when Miranda goes into nursery in a month that she would be the only kid to CRAWL into the classroom. She has definitely taken her own sweet time, but she has finally decided that its time to WALK!

She has been cruising for months and walking holding onto our hands forever, but she just wouldn't take the plunge and do it on her own. Now that she is walking, she keeps surprising me. For one, walking is much quicker and quieter than crawling so she can 'sneak' up behind me. Also, when I see her walk into a room, I just start lauging because I'm so used to seeing her crawl.

Of course I thought that my child would be one of those kids who walk by 9 months and I hadn't even heard of kids walking as late as 17 months, but we're still pretty excited for her!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Car!

Its not quite as exciting as it sounds...its a actually a USED car and its just Miranda's size. We were over at some friends house the other night and Miranda fell in love with a little car that their boys had outgrown. They ended up giving it to if we have room in our apartment for one more toy...especially one of this size.

So, now instead of the stroller, we've been going on walks everyday in the new car. When its time to get OUT of the car, there is usually some yelling involved. Maybe some day Steve and I will get a new car for ourselves!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nihonjin no Tomodachi

Miranda has a cute little Japanese friend named Hasane who is exactly her age. Miranda and Hasane don't do too much playing together, they just kind of look at each other and then do their own thing (they did feed each other Cheerios...does that count as playing?). When we get together I get to practice my very rusty Japanese, but not too much though because Hasane's mom likes to practice her English so we end up speaking English most of the time. Anyway, they are a family from Japan and the husband is doing his residency with Steve. Just love Japanese people!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Picture Tag

It's a "PICTURE TAG" and this is how it goes. Go to your pictures and go to the 5th folder. Then open up the 5th picture and post it. Then tag 5 people when you are done. Have fun! I tag whoever hasn't done this yet and wants to play!!!

This is our little couch potato...she actually is not technically a "couch" potato because she doesn't sit on the couch. She usually stands RIGHT in front of the TV. Anyway, here she is watching her favorite show--Vegie Tales Sing-Along!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Phoenix here we come, we hope!

Easter weekend our family made a quick trip to Phoenix where Steve had his second job interview with Abrazo Medical Group and where we hope to be moving in July! Things have gone well so far and now we're just waiting for them do draw up the contract which they say could take a couple of weeks. The thing is, its not official until everyone (including Steve) signs the contract, so its kind of nerve-racking waiting and waiting, but I'm trying to be patient and positive!

We had a fun weekend and stayed one night at Suzie & Michael's...thanks for letting us come last minute and the same weekend as your new counter tops were being installed.

Here are Catherine and Miranda doing lunch!

We also stayed a night at the Wigwam Resort which is a fun Native American/Southwest looking hotel...see our cute room in the background!

My child likes what?!?

Anyone who knows me, knows one of my least favorite foods is beans; chili, black, refried, etc. Well, strange thing, but Miranda absoluetly loves beans and eats them like they are candy. Maybe she inherited that from Steve since he loves Mexican food. Here she is eating them at Chipotle in Phoenix (and making the face she always does when the camera comes out). What a silly girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Tag

Here's the deal...
Take a picture of yourself with no preparing or primping. Just do it how you are right now, and post it on your blog with a tag for someone else to do it.

Sorry all...this is pretty bad. Just by looking at the picture, you can obviously tell that there was no preparing or primping. It was Saturday, what can I say. I was tagged by Shannon, and tag anyone who reads this who has not already been tagged!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What the...

When we woke up this morning, this is what we saw...

According to my information, Spring began March 20 which was 18 days ago. Oh the joy of living in Michigan!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Idaho, Cousin Brenna and "Baby Taranda"

We spent last week in Idaho at Kris and Kyle's house in Idaho. Steve was interviewing for a job out there so Miranda and I went along for a little vacation. We had a great time together and Miranda loved all the action of having 5 kids around. One of her favorite parts was the stairs. She learned that you have to turn around and go down backwards and got pretty speedy at it.

Brenna calls Miranda "Baby Taranda" and they got to share a room. One night they took turns crying and waking each other up, which was very fun. Other than that and a few times grabbing toys, they got along great.

We loved playing outside, going shopping and swimming at the YMCA. Thanks Tophams for a fun time!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Children's Museum

We've been looking to get out of the house more but with the cold weather, we still mostly have to find indoor options. So, last Saturday we went up to the Children's Museum in Flint. We spent most of our time in 'The Tot Spot' where Miranda could could crawl, climb and play to her little heart's content. We spent a little time in the science-y areas too, but this was Miranda's favorite!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Daughter the Nerd

Here's our little nerd wearing the glasses from her toy doctor's kit. Poor girl takes after her parents. At least she's happy about it.

Her favorite thing in the kit to play with is a little bottle called 'get well' tablets.

New Years in March?

So, one of my New Years Resolutions was to create and maintain a blog. I realize it is now March and I'm just getting started, but I consider New Years Resolutions to be goals you work on throughout the year, not just the 1st week of January. Also, I have no idea what this will look like since I and somewhat computer impaired and have never blogged before. I've looked at lots of blogs, mind you...just never created one. Don't laugh too hard.