Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Phoenix here we come, we hope!

Easter weekend our family made a quick trip to Phoenix where Steve had his second job interview with Abrazo Medical Group and where we hope to be moving in July! Things have gone well so far and now we're just waiting for them do draw up the contract which they say could take a couple of weeks. The thing is, its not official until everyone (including Steve) signs the contract, so its kind of nerve-racking waiting and waiting, but I'm trying to be patient and positive!

We had a fun weekend and stayed one night at Suzie & Michael's...thanks for letting us come last minute and the same weekend as your new counter tops were being installed.

Here are Catherine and Miranda doing lunch!

We also stayed a night at the Wigwam Resort which is a fun Native American/Southwest looking hotel...see our cute room in the background!


  1. YEAH for Phoenix!! I wish it was SEATTLE instead (or somewhere in Washington. I am so happy for you guys! That is very exciting. CUUUUTE pic of you an M on the lawn! She looks like such a happy gal.

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  3. very exciting stuff. I love the Wigwam Resort... so cute, as are you... (thank yure ladies and gentleman)

  4. You were there in the good temperature time of the year.