Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Phoenix here we come, we hope!

Easter weekend our family made a quick trip to Phoenix where Steve had his second job interview with Abrazo Medical Group and where we hope to be moving in July! Things have gone well so far and now we're just waiting for them do draw up the contract which they say could take a couple of weeks. The thing is, its not official until everyone (including Steve) signs the contract, so its kind of nerve-racking waiting and waiting, but I'm trying to be patient and positive!

We had a fun weekend and stayed one night at Suzie & Michael's...thanks for letting us come last minute and the same weekend as your new counter tops were being installed.

Here are Catherine and Miranda doing lunch!

We also stayed a night at the Wigwam Resort which is a fun Native American/Southwest looking hotel...see our cute room in the background!

My child likes what?!?

Anyone who knows me, knows one of my least favorite foods is beans; chili, black, refried, etc. Well, strange thing, but Miranda absoluetly loves beans and eats them like they are candy. Maybe she inherited that from Steve since he loves Mexican food. Here she is eating them at Chipotle in Phoenix (and making the face she always does when the camera comes out). What a silly girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Tag

Here's the deal...
Take a picture of yourself with no preparing or primping. Just do it how you are right now, and post it on your blog with a tag for someone else to do it.

Sorry all...this is pretty bad. Just by looking at the picture, you can obviously tell that there was no preparing or primping. It was Saturday, what can I say. I was tagged by Shannon, and tag anyone who reads this who has not already been tagged!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What the...

When we woke up this morning, this is what we saw...

According to my information, Spring began March 20 which was 18 days ago. Oh the joy of living in Michigan!