Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Little Graduate!

After three years of long days and many long nights and weekends, here we are on Steve's graduation day! He is finally finished with the Family Medicine Residency at Genesys Regional Medical Center!

With his two program directors and
the director of medical education

Our little graduate...I'm so proud of him!

This was Steve on his last day of residency.


  1. That is so awesome Steve. That is such a great accomplishment!
    The pic of you and Steve is very cute!

  2. YAY DR. STEEEVIE!!!! That is very awesome that you are officially done! Love the one of Steve crashed and burned on the couch!!! Congrats to the max and good luck with the move!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Steve. That's got to be a huge weight off your shoulders. We talked to Cami and David Case at the reunion. They are excited you are going to be in Phoenix. They said they are about 1/2 hour from you guys.

  4. Congrats Steve!! You and Afton are the "little" graduates of the year!

  5. hooray for steve... what a little graduate!!