Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Move

The moving day, July 10, finally arrived. It was so nice not to have to pack up our own stuff...we got to sit there and watch strangers pack our stuff for us...kind of weird!

Miranda, Steve and the big moving truck

Loading up the car. Our stuff is mostly over the car.

Saying goodbye to our apartment...we'll miss you Michigan!

On our way across country, we stopped at the arch in St. Louis.
Very neat, but boy am I glad we didn't move there, it was soooo humid!

We took our time and made the 2000 mile drive in about 4 days.
Thank goodness for portable dvd players!
We're so happy to be in our new home in Arizona!

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  1. KAREN I'm so glad you are close(er) to us! The pictures are adorable and WHOA! I didn't know about the bringing-the-car-in-the-moving-truck-thingy. I was thinking that was an awfully big truck for apartment dwellers! Let us know about the job next. <3