Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Child Prodigy

So, I was getting worried that when Miranda goes into nursery in a month that she would be the only kid to CRAWL into the classroom. She has definitely taken her own sweet time, but she has finally decided that its time to WALK!

She has been cruising for months and walking holding onto our hands forever, but she just wouldn't take the plunge and do it on her own. Now that she is walking, she keeps surprising me. For one, walking is much quicker and quieter than crawling so she can 'sneak' up behind me. Also, when I see her walk into a room, I just start lauging because I'm so used to seeing her crawl.

Of course I thought that my child would be one of those kids who walk by 9 months and I hadn't even heard of kids walking as late as 17 months, but we're still pretty excited for her!


  1. Wow, she cruises. She looks a ton like you, Karen.


  2. Congrats Miranda! SOOO cute! Her hair is so dang long!

  3. Wow! I'm pretty sure she gets all that talent from her Aunt Stef. Her good looks too :D

  4. I, for one, would enjoy a baby who wouldn't walk quite so soon. Christian and Andrew can't seem to sit still. After you get over that "wow, my baby is cool" moment, you realize that walking means trouble :) Such a cute girl could never cause trouble though, right?