Monday, September 28, 2009

Miranda's World

Here are a few of the latest happenings in Miranda's world...

The highlight of Miranda's month was getting a new Elmo chair. Since Seasame Street is her favorite show, I thought she'd enjoy watching it from a Seasame Street chair (instsead of standing 1 inch from the tv screen). I ordered it on the Walmart site-to-store website. When we picked it up, we opened the box in the store to make sure it was the right item, it wasn't damaged, etc. Miranda's eyes got huge and she immediately started singing La La La, which she did through the rest of our shopping trip and the whole way home. She loves it! The only problem is, when she sits in it, she can't see Elmo!

Another of Miranda's favorite activities is visiting her cousins Catherine, Julia and Collin. She calls them Ca, Ju-a and Co. When we get together there is lots of playing and lots of screaming. Miranda and Catherine seem to always want the same toy at the same time, and have a kind of love/hate relationship. Here they are though at a loving moment. So cute!

We have this olive wood carving of Jesus that Steve's parents got in Jereuselem. Miranda likes to hold it and calls him 'Jee-sie.' Whenever she sees pictures of Jesus at church or in a magazine, she says 'Jee-sie!'
We love our baby!


  1. too cute! How fun to visit cousins!!!

  2. oh, she is soooooo adorable! i love to see what's happening in her world!