Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Cake Question

For Miranda's 2nd birthday, I decided to make an Elmo cake. Now, Miranda really likes Sesame Street and Elmo, but she still doesn't really know what a birthday is, nor did she ask for an Elmo cake. But, for some reason I decided I'd make one (without the Elmo cake pan, I might add). It turned out pretty cute and wasn't too hard, it just took longer than I wanted it to. Miranda would have been just as pleased with a plain cake with plain, chocolate frosting, or even a store-bought cake, for that matter. Now don't get me wrong, she enjoyed the Elmo cake for the whole 1 minute before she blew out the candles and we cut it into pieces, but I was just wondering why I (and probably many other mothers) felt the need to make fancy cakes for their toddlers...

Maybe its to use those mad cake-decorating skills I learned at young women's activities many years ago. Maybe its just the thing stay-at-home moms feel they need to do. I decided the best answer (although the other answers may be true too) is...I love Miranda!!! We'll see if next year brings more cake decorating, or just a plain, boring, but equally as yummy cake:)
Happy Birthday to my Baby!


  1. That IS a good question...I have done my share of "creative" cakes and wonder the same thing. I think it might be a sense of accomplishment for the mom?? WHO KNOWS. All I know is that cake looks awesome!! Good job you pastry chef!

  2. That cake is ADORABLE! I think you do it to make all the other mom's jealous;)

    I don't regret any of the fancy cakes I ever made, but now is the time to do it. Poor Brady only ever gets a store bought cake anymore, I try not to make it so, but because his birthday is at Christmastime the cake is usually an afterthought. He doesn't seem to care -- and I guess I don't either.

  3. Joseph saw your blog and now wants that cake for his birthday. Ryan said, "Aunt Karen could come and make it for him on his birthday."


  4. i'm impressed! it looks WAY better than the sad thomas cake I made for noah's 3rd b-day! :) i love your reason why you made!! we love miranda too!