Thursday, March 11, 2010


Steve has been training for the past several months for the Ragnar. This is a 204 mile relay that is run over a period of about 30 hours by a team of 12 people. (sounds fun, huh?) Being a relay, each member of the team runs 3 legs ranging from 4-8 miles each. The others drive in a van, rest, etc, when not running. It started in Prescott and ended in Tempe.

Here he is at the finish line with Miranda (Miranda did not run, but likes to wear Steve's medal...even wore it to church last Sunday).
Here's his team.
They were all pretty dead here at the end. Steve's only casualty was a black toenail...not sure how that happened. Good job Steve!!


  1. WOW. Way to go runner Steve! I knew you were going to be doing this but I didn't really know you were a runner! Congrats on the race/ accomplishment. Was it so awesome, or are you so glad it's over? Hope your toenail heals soon! :)

  2. Where did he come up with the team?

  3. Congrats steve! Don't worry, I had a toenail turn black when I ran my half. It was back to normal in a couple of months ;)

  4. Ya gotta lotta stayin' power... and a great cheering section, as well. Great job.

  5. Good job, Steve! We have a lot of Ragnar runners in our ward who have a team every year. I am impressed that you did it.