Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Here are a few pictures from our busy Easter Weekend.
Egg dying started out a little sad (too many rules).
Things started looking up when we let Mirnada destroy her
Easter Eggs instead of coloring them
You may know that I am not a jam fan.
Even so, I made strawberry jam on first-ever attempt.
Steve says it came out well!

The Stimpsons came over on to watch Conference,
have Easter dinner and an egg hunt...

(Isn't she a doll!?!)

...and to Celebrate Steve and Suzie's birthdays!


  1. Boy, I do look like an easter egg...nice! Fun pics. I still need to send you the cute one I got of Miranda.

  2. Happy birthday and Easter to you all. What a fun time. Would love to taste your jam Karen. It looks so good in the picture.

  3. I LOVE the crying pic of M...CLASSIC! That is totally something my kids would do!! Suz is lookin cute (like an egg, but cuter) and happy late b-day to you Steve!!! I am so jealous of the shorts the kids are wearing for the easter egg hunt! I seriously am craving some warm weather around here!!!! CUTE post!!!!!

  4. Wish we could have joined the fun!

  5. fun pics! and yes miranda is a doll! happy birthday to steve and suz!!!

  6. Happy Birthday/Easter to you all. Do you realize how many April birthdays there are in the family (including Shannon because she is so close)?