Saturday, June 12, 2010

Training with Miranda

Since we are training for a 10K and a 5K, this week Steve and I went running-shoe shopping. To be fitted for and to try out shoes, a treadmill is available in the store for customers to use. Miranda was enthralled with this. Since the shopping trip, she has been trying on our new shoes and doing a little training of her own. Looking at her run, you get an idea of my running skills...


  1. That video is hilarious. That's what I look like when I run too.

  2. I thought the blog was going to be about potty training...
    This training looks more fun!

  3. I thought it was going to be about potty training too :D My next thought was obedience training (you know, like with a dog). This is totally funny! Like mother like daughter right? Ha!

  4. so what kind of shoes did you guys get? how are they? how's steve's knee?
    miranda's going to be a marathoner when she grows up!!