Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Away

A few pictures of our trip to Utah, which was a month ago already (pathetic, I know that I am just now posting this). We had a blast with all the 4th of July activities happening in Provo and a nice relaxing time with Steve's family! This was our first road trip since our move (3 1/2 day drive across the country) to Phoenix a year ago. We actually live close enough now that we can drive to visit grandparents, woohoo!

Cousin Collin rode with us and spent the week at Derek & Marsha's--he is a good little travler. Don't you love how Collin and Miranda are watching two seperate movies?!

Steve, Miranda and I after the Freedom Run. Steve's sister Richelle and her family also all ran in the race. They staked out great seats for everyone at the parade, which is going on in the background.

We hope we can all do it again next year

The hot air balloons going up!

Grandma Sumpter made 4th of July sweatshirts for the kids so they wouldn't get cold during the fireworks!

A little karoke with the cousins.
BYU Botnay pond with Marsha and kids

Kent's new restaurant, La Jolla Groves at the Riverwoods--delicious. Beautiful restaurant with a lemon tree theme. Can't wait to go back!

Also at the Riverwoods is a fun toy store...


  1. Yeah for Utah. Looks like lot's of fun. Thanks for taking Collin!

  2. Would love to hear Miranda singing on the Karaoke machine. Thanks for the post.

  3. How fun! I wanna come do all those things with you. Our kids all watch separate movies and listen to separate music in the car... so much for family togetherness