Friday, September 17, 2010

Dancing Queen

Here's our dancing queen before her dance class she just started. Its a Parks and Rec class called 'We Can Dance Two.' I love it because its all two year olds so they are all at the same level (i.e. throw tantrums together, refuse to take turns together, etc.). After all the screaming involved with swimming lessons, I was a little nervous, but Miranda is enjoying it so far. First of all she was excited that she finally got to put her dress ups (leotard and dancing skirt from grandma and grandpa) to good use. In class they stretch, tumble, dance like different animals (frogs, bunnies, elephants), etc. Fun stuff! Oh, and don't you love the crocs with the dancing outfit?


  1. Hey at least the crocs are pink! She is adorable! Take a movie of all the chaos. It'll be memorable and good to have someday to blackmail her. :D

  2. She is SUUUUCH a doll Karen! She looks so good in pink. I wanna see a video of the class too! Ha!

  3. she's adorable! i love that she's in a dance class!