Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Introducing...San Diego!
 Steve had a conference in San Diego last week so we decided to all take a vacation. 
 While Steve was busy learning about...well...who knows what, the kids and I spent time hanging out at the beach,
hanging out with the surfers,

 running around,
 digging and getting dirty.  We also did a little shopping, of course.  Well, since we didn't pack any shirts for Miranda, we had to.
 Tuesday, the Stimpsons met us and we all stayed at this cute little house.

 Bedtime was exciting!
 Chillin' with Shamu at Sea World
Nevermind Shamu, Julia said the best part of Sea World was buying a stuffed animal.  Here they are all holding hands.

At the beach, Collin surrounded the hole they were digging with sea weed to protect it from the waves...nice.

 Here's what Miranda liked best about the SD Zoo (above).

 Trip to SD Zoo's Safari Park...close encounter with a Lion.

Some highlights from the trip:
Date and Cactus Milkshakes in Dateland, AZ
Buying new shoes and boots (for Karen)
Eating at the Fish Market (restaurant)
Trying out tons of balsalmic vinegar and oil flavors at the oil & vinegar shop
The Dolphin Show at Sea World
Mitchell and Meghan eating ramen noodles at every meal
The African Tram at Safari Park
Playing Imagine Iff with Suzie & Michael
Mitchell giving Elmo high-5 at Sea World
Goat cheese, spinich and mushroom pizza
The kids playing and playing and playing

So glad we got to get away and to spend time with S&M before their big move!


  1. so,so fun!
    Date and cactus milkshakes? Well, that's a new one!

  2. Collin at the foot of the bed... reminds me of "Sleepin' at the foot of the bed:
    The lion encounter cracks me up. Fun times!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention this one:

  4. So cute and so fun and Karen you look so... thin.

  5. I commented earlier, but apparently it didn't take. Fun trip. It's great that you could spend some time there with the Stimpsons. That's quite the face paint in the one picture. Wish we could have been there too.