Monday, March 25, 2013


Every morning when we have to brush Miranda's hair I about loose my mind; between her screaming that it hurts and Mitchell getting in the way and pushing her, then Miranda yelling him for him to stop pushing her.  Anyway, I've been talking to Miranda for a while about donating her hair.  She has a girl in her primary class that has lost her hair due to chemo for a brain tumor.  Miranda thought it would be great if they could use her hair to make a wig for Malie.  Only problem is is that Malie has black hair.  Well, since her hair couldn't go to Malie, Miranda decided it would be okay if her hair went to another girl 'like' Malie.  The stars finally aligned, her hair was finally long enough...the needed 10 inches to donate to "Locks of Love" AND she agreed.

I think she likes it, although she did tell me the next day that she wants her long hair back.  I just tried to ignore that comment.

Also, she just stated soccer, so I had to throw in a picture of her at her first practice.  For a child who is not exactly athletically inclined, but who likes to win, this may be an interesting experience.


  1. Love it! I feel your pain. I get to do the same thing with Brenna every day.

  2. Miranda, that is so good that you want to hep others who are not so fortunate. You are very unselfish.

  3. Awesome Miranda!! I can't believe how quickly your hair grows. I like your short hair cut. Cherlynn

  4. Nice job Miranda! I like the new haircut.

  5. She looks adorable! Love the new hair and way to go donating it!

  6. Aww, I love it! Will she be a "Kelsi" or an "Afton" do you think? Persist in the short hair and have every short style know to man, or long hair and become pro with all the different dos for years to come?